Born Curly

Born Curly

Pure & Gentle Formulas.

Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Born Curly products are formulated for Babies and Children, with hair types 3 & 4.

Formulated with extra moisturizing & conditioning properties to suit your Children's needs.

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Born Curly Aloe Shampoo & Wash
$6.99 11 reviews
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Born Curly Avocado Shea CoWash
$5.99 16 reviews
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Born Curly Argan Leave-In Conditioner

Sold Out

18 reviews
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Born Curly Argan Curl Defining Jelly
$5.99 18 reviews

Rejuvenate your scalp for healthier and longer hair

As I Am Long & Luxe collection, infused with pomegranate and passion fruit is the ultimate collection for a healthier scalp, leading to stronger roots and resulting in longer & stronger hair.

The collection is designed for natural hair type 3 & 4.